Trauma Therapy

Life often doesn’t go as we expect. When our sense of safety and security is threatened in some way, our bodies and souls are affected on deep levels. For many, the desire to escape painful memories and feelings from the trauma can be overwhelming and they become vulnerable to addiction that can become enslaving. When we experience trauma, our emotional growth is stunted, but we’re not left without hope. Through some good tending of the soul we can be resilient and find healing. Then we are free to grow, and just might come out even stronger.

Mary Ann Green is trained in EMDR and Brainspotting, two evidence-based treatment methods for processing and healing trauma. Both of these interventions are mind-body-based therapies that facilitate healing on a deep level that can lead to lasting change. They help the fight, flight or freeze response from the original trauma memory to be resolved. To learn more about EMDR, please click here. Brainspotting is a less structured and more intuitive approach that accomplishes the same goal. It involves finding the area of the brain that needs to release the trauma through eye position. You can learn more about it here.

Our other therapists are also trained in techniques to help clients to get grounded and calm their nervous system. They provide a therapeutic presence and incorporate skills from Dialectical Behavior Therapy and the Polyvagal Theory to help clients to find freedom from destructive patterns of coping.


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