Cherie Bebout

People often ask how to pronounce my name Cherie, so I like to point them to the Stevie Wonder song, My Cherie Amour. They get to hear such a great classic song while learning how to pronounce my name at the same time, a win win in my book!

I grew up in ministry traveling in Evangelism singing with my family. I had the amazing privilege of being able to see so many hurting people find the Lord and witnessed incredible miracles first hand. Since moving to Nashville, I’ve been able to be a part of the music industry while simultaneously sharpening my administration skills. Whether it’s been singing background vocals, managing recording studios or working remotely at a health and wellness company, serving others is what I truly enjoy. I look forward to assisting the staff at Nurtured Soul Counseling and the opportunity to meet the needs of each and every client to the best of my ability.

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