Nutrition Counseling

Would you like to experience more energy, focus and better health, but struggle to implement habits to accomplish this?

Do you have a chronic health condition, and desire to learn how food can be your medicine?

Are you concerned about your relationship with food or your body?

Are you an athlete who would like to know how to better fuel your body to improve performance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.  As registered dietitians, we can teach you about the power of nutrition and give you some tools to help with behavior change.  Whether you need specific nutrition guidance to address a medical condition or need help with meal planning to meet your specific needs, we are happy to serve you.  We are especially passionate about helping individuals to experience freedom in their relationship with food, and we can help you to be more attuned to your body while learning to trust it.  Mindful and intuitive eating skills are the foundation for this.  An initial nutrition assessment will help us to understand your specific needs and develop a plan.  During follow-up sessions we can help you to implement change and support you in developing a healthier lifestyle.


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Please note, if you are located outside of TN, please let us know prior to booking an appointment to discuss your needs and whether or not we can offer services to you based on state licensure guidelines.

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